Bullett Magazine

Text By Sarah Alkhaled

Here at BULLETT we’ve seen our fair share with onslaughts of New York’s nightlife festivities, from the avid club-goers clamoring around their gilded gates only to be disappointed, as of late, by their lackluster authenticity and general appeal. Yet through all this exaggerated downtown hysteria, the skilled ladies behind the DJ collective, Liaison Femme have been able to miraculously pillage heightened sensible samples and hypnotic synths to become one of those rare crowds that can actually throw-down a party. These kind of mesmerizing plays can only be mastered by such comrades, who captivatingly yank the listener out of the doldrums of aforementioned traditional listens and into their effortless feminine breathiness and bold acquisitions. Liaison Femme houses a grand roster of disc jockeys from BULLETT fave Venus X with her otherworldly industrial mashups to bonafide musician and recently VFILES accredited as ‘New York Xtreme Fashion Week’ host, Maluca Mala. She actually graced Liaison Femme’s pivotal launch party this July and entranced the Wednesday ‘Mercury Nights’ crowd under New York’s skyline, all from none other than the Standard’s unparalleled rooftop.

Primarily due to these influential sonic mavens’ empowering vision to overtake this male-dominated trade, this only makes us the team at BULLETT, want to seriously be part of their crew. Thus, righteously so we did team up with our girls G*LEE and K!O at Liaison Femme and our peers to bring you an unforgettable night at the Standard’s infamous Le Bain, which we can without a doubt guarantee, will be a night filled with emblematic nods that harken back to time both wasted and vital in its revival that can only be reincarnated by the most empowering female liaisons in the business!