Music: Talking to Members of Hip LA Band, Oddience, For Bullett Magazine

At times like these, the yammering overload and collective nonsense of commercial radio seems highly unavoidable, its soot plastered all over the walls of our everyday lives. Due to this overcast of ubiquitous airwave debris, it is crucially imperative for one to take a full-blown aural, and a mind-imploding trip into the a kind of “organized chaos” within the unknown, as Oddience band member Tulip Pezley, subtly puts it. And no, I’m not talking about those heady drug-induced trips. The collective’s first EP Lit Lava Lamp, is currently gut-roaring throughout the World Wide Web, Miche Maya’s glittery melodies perfectly laces over her brother Eddingtonn Howard’s unwavering drums; all three bring an undeniable scorching breathiness to hip-hop medleys. Think: being a wandering soul and cruising aimlessly down the Pacific Coast Highway on your way to Venice Beach. Its a spontaneously-fueled soulful drive, we wager? Here we caught up with Oddience as they flesh out the charm behind their beat production, if they are psychedelic, pop, whimsy, or neither. And what exactly are “waveriders?"

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